Dragon City Hack Suite

If you liked playing by the rules, you wouldn't be here in the first place.

Infinite Everything

Infinite Gold, Food, Gems: Damn near everything you would ever need, and more.

Compatibility Out The Ass

Because Linux and Apple people need love too.

100% Safe and Undetectable

C’mon. We’re Ninjas. OF COURSE it’s undetectable. And just like anything else you find here, it’s completely safe and virus free. It also supports any proxies you might want to use.

Automatic Updates (optional)

Don’t trust us? Fine. To be fair, we don’t either. If you don’t want to install the automatic update applet, you don’t have to. Go ahead, miss out on having your cheat engine patched before you even find out it needs it.

Dragon City Hack Suite

Freshly submitted for your approval to the app game hack catalogue here at Game Ninja Depot, our brand new Dragon City Hack.

Behold the awesome and epic win that is our new Dragon City Hack.

You know you love the spiffy UI.

Other app hack interfaces wish they were like ours.

dragon city cheats

Don’t want to get caught using the app?

Worried about being banned from playing dragon city?

There’s no need to worry.

On the connection tab of the app you’ll find a field for using your own public or private proxies.

Nice and god damned stealthy.

Dragon City Hacks are for cheaters?

Only a loser would download a hack for an app game?

Son, you’re at the wrong website.

We make apps for complete and total bastards, and no one else.

Feeling lost or confused?

Don’t know what the hell Dragon City is?

Are creepy old strangers trying to get you to put your hand down their front pockets?

We can’t help with that last bit.

For everything else though, you might want to visit our Dragon City Wiki.